As a part of Cornerstone's effort to inform you of events and other notifications, you will receive periodic texts.  This page is Cornerstone's policy page for text notifications. 

If at any time you would like to no longer receive text notifications, please contact us at (330)562-8233  or and you will be removed from the list in a reasonable amount of time.  Please allow a few days for the system to update, as you may continue to receive text notifications. 

1. Cornerstone will not send more than three general text notifications in one week; and no more than one in a single day (with an exception of emergencies or closures). 

2. Cornerstone will send out any necessary texts for smaller, specific, groups.  You may or may not receive these based upon what ministries or activities you are involved in.  

3. Cornerstone will send out any necessary texts to inform you of event reminders, emergency closures, or other significant events. 

4. When initially introduced to text notifications, you will receive a text with a link to this site page explaining Cornerstone's text notification policy, as well as an explanation for cancelling your subscription to text notifications.

5. Cornerstone will only send out text notifications during its operating hours, with the exception of emergency situations or closures. 

* Again, if you do not wish to receive text notifications from Cornerstone Church of Aurora, call (330)562-8233 or email 

Note: My First School and Upward are ministries of Cornerstone Church of Aurora; as such, this policy applies to all three.