Your little one is about to embark on their first school experiences!  We strive to provide our youngest learners with a safe, nurturing and loving, learning environment. The children need to be 2 by September 30 to be enrolled in this program and do not need to be potty trained. We do enroll children throughout the year as they turn 2 as long as space is available. The class ratio is up to 12 children with 2 staff members--the teacher and an assistant teacher. 

We offer class options for our 2's and 3's. Your child can come 2 or 3 mornings a week from 9-12. Because we stay under state ratios, we can offer our parents more variety in the days that work best with their schedules.

In our 2's and 3's program, the students are very busy!  Each day includes language development, simple math concepts, art, music, and stories.  Self-help skills are taught as the children learn how to become more independent in cleaning-up and as we partner with you in potty training. They work on large motor and fine motor skills as well as learning to share and take turns. 

Being a non-denominational Christian preschool, the children will say prayer before snack and bible stories are read daily. A monthly memory verse is set to song to help them learn about God, who loves them very much!

To view our curriculum guide for our 2's and 3's program please click here.


Our 3's and 4's Program is for children that are 3 years old going on 4 or are a young 4 and are not planning on entering kindergarten the following year. The class can be up to twelve children with one teacher. 

We offer many options for classes for our 3's and 4's.  We have morning classes from 9-12 on Tuesdays/Thursdays or Monday/Wednesday/Friday or all five mornings Monday-Friday.

These classes stress social and emotional development through role-play, games, and interaction with other children. An interactive circle time along with a variety of center activities are offered to encourage learning in all areas of development. The children are introduced to the alphabet (upper and lower case) and number concepts. Sorting, simple math concepts, stories, music, and various arts and crafts are part of the preschool day. There is a variety of hands on activities that provide the child the opportunity for having fun and meeting new friends in a nurturing environment. The children are taught nursery rhymes each month that aid in developing phonemic awareness, a crucial first step in learning to read.

Being a non-denominational Christian preschool, the children learn about God’s wonderful love for them through prayer, Bible stories and a monthly memory verse.

To view the curriculum guide for our 3's and 4's program, please click here.


Our Pre-K Program is for children whose parents plan to enter them into kindergarten the following year. We offer many options for our Pre-K students, we have morning classes from 9-12 and an all-day class from 9-3 on Tuesdays/Thursdays or Monday/Wednesday/Friday or all five days Monday-Friday. 

When deciding what topics to teach and skills to introduce, we use the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards to guide us. In the Pre-K Classes, the focus is on pre-academic skills like beginning phonics and early math concepts and socialization with others. Students will be introduced to all the letters of the alphabet and their sounds as well as recognizing and counting numbers. Stories are read daily and students will work on predicting, summarizing, and sequencing to help build comprehension skills. Math skills are built into the daily calendar routine for patterning, counting, and concepts of before and after.

As with all of our classes, Bible stories are read and discussed daily as well as a monthly memory verse. The children say prayer before snack and we discuss how the Lord loves us and cares for us every day. We are a non-denominational Christian preschool. 

It is important to be sure the children have a good base of knowledge to help make them successful for kindergarten, and we want them to see the joy of learning and have fun while doing it. The students will be engaged in their learning through hands on activities, music, centers and free play exploration. Time to interact with other children and learning through play is still very important at this age. Each child is given opportunities to develop his/her social and emotional skills through imaginative play, sharing, and interactive participation.

To see the curriculum guide for our Pre-K program please click here.